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A Starbucks store with a completely plant-based food menu is being used to trial the latest vegan offerings.

One store in Seattle now has a 100% plant-based menu, CEO Kevin Johnson confirmed on a conference call. The store is used as a ‘test site’.

It comes as the coffee giant claimed the plant-based lifestyle is the ‘most dominant’ shift in consumer behavior.

Vegan ‘test area’

Johnson said: “We have one Starbucks store here in the Seattle area that we’ve gone to 100% plant-based food menu.

“We use that as sort of a test area when we innovate, create things here in our support center, the Tryer Center.

“We test that in a store.

“So, if I think about both beverage and food: the number one trend that I would highlight there is just the consumer shift and consumer preferences around plant-based.”

‘Quality’ food

Rosalind Gates, Starbucks’ COO praised the expanding plant-based menu. She added: “The work ahead of us by no means minimizes food.

“Actually, we see it as a golden opportunity for us to further expand our presence and create quality food attach items to go along with great coffee.”

Starbucks vegan options

Starbucks recently launched a breakfast patty in partnership with Beyond Meat in the UK.

It features on a new menu, which includes items such as the No Chick’n & BBQ Bean Hot Wrap and Beyond Breakfast Sausage.

Launching more plant-based products follows a sustainability drive, meaning the company is favoring more ‘environmentally-friendly’ offerings. 

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