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Plant-based startup Outstanding Foods has expanded its vegan offerings with new ‘meal-in-a-bag’ puffs.

The brand, which has been received financial investment from celebrity rapper Snoop Dogg, describes the new products as the ‘first-ever snack you can also have as a meal’.

The Take Out Puffs, which retail at $31.92 for an eight pack, are available in four flavors: Pizza Partay, White Chedda, Chill Ranch, and Hella Hot.

‘The benefits of a balanced meal’

“For the first time ever, you can feel good about hitting the bottom of a bag! The benefits of a balanced meal with the convenience of grabbing takeout!” Outstanding Foods said on Instagram. 

“Each 3oz bag contains 30 percent of your needed daily values plus the nutrients of a balanced meal!”

Vegan pork rinds

Earlier this year, Oustanding Foods launched its flagship vegan pork rinds in popular convenience chain 7-Eleven.

The rinds, which are available in Original, Nacho Cheese, Hella Hot, and Texas BBQ flavor, were trialed in around 200 7-Eleven stores across the SoCal area.

The brand says the snacks may launch regionally or nationally depending on their performance.

You can pre-order the new range of Take Out Puffs here

Liam Giliver

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