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Shareholders of Tyson Foods will urge the meat giant to ‘go 100 percent vegan’ in the company’s annual executive meeting. 

Vegan charity PETA purchased stocks in Tyson early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Tomorrow, it will ask the company’s executives: “When will Tyson develop a plan to capitalize on the future of meat, which is vegan?”

‘Go vegan’

Tracy Reiman is PETA’s Executive Vice President. In an online statement, she said: “By becoming a 100 percent vegan company, Tyson can save animals, protect its profits, and even do its part to help prevent future pandemics.

“PETA urges Tyson to use its own Raised & Rooted line as a blueprint for the rest of the company—and to inspire the meat industry at large.”

Moreover, the charity says the cost of raising animals for meat ‘is rising’. But, the demand for vegan meats ‘is skyrocketing’.

Tyson’s meat-free range

Last year, Tyson reported its meat-free range Raised and Rooted had seen ‘rapid growth’.

Moreover, the meat giant plans to expand its veggie brand by entering the European market, including the UK. The launch will include products such as plant-based nuggets and popcorn ‘chicken’. However, unlike in the U.S, these products will be 100 percent plant-based and not contain ingredients such as egg whites.

Brett Van de Bovenkamp is the President of Tyson Foods Europe. According to Talk Business, he said: “We’re thrilled to be launching Raised & Rooted in Europe. There is a growing number of consumers who are adopting flexible diets.

“Our unique capabilities in R&D and innovation, combined with our international footprint and infrastructure makes us uniquely positioned to be a European market leader in alternative protein.”

Liam Giliver

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