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A Californian-based alternative protein brand has signed a collaboration deal with dairy giant Danone to develop new products.

Terviva will use oil found in Pongamia trees for its plant-based protein products.

It hopes to roll out commercial quantities by 2023, according to Food Navigator.

Protein from Terviva

The company utilizes Pongamia trees, which are part of the pea family, and produces a golden ‘buttery’ oil. Additionally, it is ‘highly soluable’ with a neutral taste, the news outlet adds.

Terviva began researching the trees because they offer a similar protein yield to soybeans, leading to the nickname ‘vertical soy’.

However, the company says it’s committed to ensuring the trees don’t lose nutrients during harvest. This is to ensure a scalable and sustainable future.

Moreover, it is planting crops in locations in Florida, Hawaii, and Australia.

In its latest investment round, led by Astera Institute, Terviva raised $54 million.

The company’s CEO announced the news, along with confirmation the company will work with Danone to develop new products using oil from the Pongamia trees.

Danone deal

Merijin Dols is Global Director of Open Innovation at Danone.

Dols told the news organization: “We believe that healthy foods need a healthy planet with thriving ecosystems and strong, resilient social structures.

“This is why we are excited to team up with Terviva to co-develop important ingredients – edible protein and oil – from the Pongamia tree. While also rehabilitating the soil the tree grows in.”

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