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VEDGEco has released a handy sample pack for Veganuary featuring an abundance of plant-based meat alternatives and a set of recipes.

The pack, priced at $100 includes ten Impossible Burgers, a 2lb pack of JUSTegg, vegan bacon, smoked vegan drumsticks, a pack of Be-Hive pepperoni, Blackbird’s original seitan, and pulled pork alternative Barvecue.

VEDGEco’s launch for Veganuary includes a range of plant-based meat alternatives

Bulk orders

The Hawaii-based company ships in bulk to the 48 lower states in the US.

VEDGEco launched last year with a few to making plant-based diets ‘accessible for all’ by delivering vegan products to individuals and businesses.

The company also sells in bulk, similar to the multinational retailer Costco – with a view to saving its customers’ money.

‘Freedom of food choice’

According to VegNews, VEDGEco’s founder Trevor Hitch said: “We’re thrilled to be a part of Veganuary and to make it even easier for people to have freedom of food choice whether they are at home, school, or dining out.

“Our sampler is a great way for families to expand their plant-based eating or for independent restaurants and grocery stores to be able to offer their customers a wider selection of plant-based products.”

A hepful start

The pack is ‘full of tasty essentials’, claims VEDGEco, and will help anyone who is starting their vegan journey this year.

To order the sampler pack, visit VEDGEco’s website.

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