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Plant-based macadamia nut milk brand, milkadamia, has launched a milkman service in the US.

Customers will now be able to get products delivered right to their doors, and enroll in a subscription service.

Vegan milkman service

Branded Milkman 2.0, the service will help reach the company’s growing consumer base by making shopping more convenient.

The company hopes to reconnect with the community aspect of the local milkman across history.

Products available include both the Lightly Sweetened and Unsweetened milkadamia Milk, Latte de milkadamia, and Cinnamon Creamer.

Customers can order them as a one-off pack of six. There are also subscription options for every three, six, and 12 months.

Launching this month, it comes after a surge in home shopping last year.

It’s a rise of almost 50 percent, according to Digital Commerce. Moreover, this is largely influenced by COVID-19 restrictions which saw people restricted to their own homes across the globe.


CEO Jim Richards said: “What sets milkadamia apart from the plethora of plant-based milks and creamers is the creamy, slightly decadent taste of our macadamia nut non-dairy products and the rich mouth feel.

“Because it blends perfectly with any dish, milkadamia helps create artful, delicious plant-based meals, desserts, smoothies, and lattes.”

You can try out the milkman service via milkadamia‘s website here

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