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Fast food giant, Burger King, has launched its first-ever vegan burger on menus at more than 200 outlets in Mexico.

The addition will be a permanent fixture for its customers across the country.

How does it taste?

The Whopper Vegetal is completely plant-based and the company claims it beholds ‘all the flavor and texture’ of the classic Whopper.

It is served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sliced onions, and a plant-based patty.

The vegan Whoppers also contain 30 percent fewer calories and 40 percent less fat than the meaty original.

According to the Vegconomist, it is not clear whether the burger will be cooked in separate fryers as non-vegan items on the menu.

Burger King Mexico’s new vegan Whopper burger


The vegan burger recipe was developed by an ex-cattle farmer, Jaap Korteweg.

Forming The Vegetarian Butcher brand, his goal was to ‘create products for meat lovers’, to provide ‘the same taste and experience’, without animal products.

Consumer goods giant, Unilever, bought the brand two years ago with a view to bringing vegan products to a larger audience.

Burger King for vegans

Burger King received good reviews following the decision in Zurich, Switzerland, to give away free plant-based burgers and nuggets.

The brand said the launch of more vegan products was due to a ‘growing number’ of guests trying plant-based items.

Chicken-style vegan nuggets were launched by the brand in Germany earlier this year.

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