Reading Time: < 1 minute Pizza Hut has already partnered with Beyond Meat in Puerto Rico Credit: Beyond Meat
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Popular food chain Pizza Hut is adding Beyond Meat to its menu, according to Vegan Food UK.

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‘Meat’s Met Its Match’

It recently shared an image of one of the eatery’s outlets in Islington, London, advertising ‘Pizza Hut’s Beyond Meat Pizzas’. The slogan ‘Meat’s Met Its Match’ also features on the image.

“We don’t know any more now, other than what it looks like,” says Vegan Food UK. Both Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat are yet to make an official statement.

Beyond Meat Pizza

Earlier this year, Pizza Hut began trialing two new pies featuring Beyond Meat’s plant-based sausage.

Ana Agrelot, Vice President of the Pizza Hut franchisee in Puerto Rico states: “We are delighted to be the first pizza chain bringing this delicious and nutritious plant-based sausage to the Puerto Rican consumer’s table.

“The Beyond Sausage® Pizza & Beyond Sausage® Veggie Pizza are a great option for customers looking to try plant-based protein without sacrificing the iconic flavor of the traditional meat topping pizza.”

A Pizza Hut U.K spokesperson told Plant Based News: “We’re always excited to share our latest news and collaborations. However, we don’t have any further detail to share at the moment.”

*This article was updated on November 2 to include Pizza Hut’s right of reply

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