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A group of parents petitioned Brighton and Hove City Council in the UK to instate ‘at least’ two days a week of 100 percent plant-based school meals.

They are calling for action in order to help fight climate change.

Animal agriculture

Started by a local resident, Alison Plaumer, the petition urged the council to instate the change ‘as soon as is practically possible’.

Additionally, it calls for all future council-run events to serve plant-based food only.

It reads: ‘Food production alone is set to push Earth past 1.5°C of warming… If we don’t change what we do with food, we would miss the 1.5°C target within 30 to 40 years.’

Quoting Professor Michael Clark, the petition continued: “Animal agriculture and fishing industries are the leading causes of deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution, biodiversity loss, and species extinction.”

Intensive animal farming will also lead to new pandemics’, the petition warned.

Plant-based school meals

Following a mother’s plea last year, Brighton and Hove City Council claimed it would start emphasizing plant-based diets in schools.

There is not currently legislation in the UK requiring schools to offer plant-based meals on the free school meals program.

Schools in Scotland will offer more plant-based meals as part of a move to become more eco-friendly.

The petition is running from February to June and currently has over 30 signatures. You can sign it here.

Emily is a News and Features Writer for Plant Based News. She has previously worked as a journalist in Devon, UK, reporting on local issues from politics to the environment.