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Lewis Hamilton-Backed Fast-Food Chain Launches UK’s First Vegan Fish Burger

Neat Burger - the Lewis Hamilton-backed fast-food chain - has created a vegan fish burger in an attempt to save the seas from overfishing


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Vegan fish burger The vegan fish burger is available from Neat Burger now - Media Credit:
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A fast-food chain backed by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has today launched the UK’s first vegan fish burger.

Neat Burger launched in September 2019, with its first branch in central London, near Oxford Circus. It now has branches in Soho and Camden. It recently won the accolade of Deliveroo’s Best Vegan Offering. 

Now it has expanded its offering – which includes options like plant-based burgers and shakes – with its new vegan fish burger, aka the Filet-no-Fish burger. It says its promises to ‘rival non-vegan fish burgers in both taste and environmental credentials’.   

Vegan fish burger

The burger is made from jackfruit, coated in crispy breadcrumbs, and served on a soft bun with tartare sauce and lettuce. Diners can opt for dairy-free cheese if they choose.

According to Neat Burger, jackfruit is ‘a far more sustainable alternative to fish, along with reports of overfishing currently being a worse threat to our oceans than climate change’.

As a result, it says, ‘a plant-based alternative to the popular fish burger couldn’t come soon enough’. It is using the launch of the sandwich to call on the nation to switch to plant-based alternatives this Veganuary. 

Fillet No Fish

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Zack Bishti, Co-Founder of Neat Burger, said: “A lot has changed since the Fillet-o-Fish launched in 1962 and formed the fish burger scene we see today.

“Like man first landing on the moon, color TV, creation of the internet and smartphones – but fish burgers have remained the same. 

“Neat Burger thought it was about time for a change, giving consumers a tasty fish-alternative.”

Neat Burger

Toni Vernelli, Head of International Communications at Veganuary, added: “Last January many restaurants struggled to keep up with the huge demand for vegan options, and this year Veganuary is set to be even bigger. 

“At a time when many feel helpless about the state of the world, Veganuary offers people a way to take positive action. 

“And thanks to Neat Burger and their new Fillet No Fish, taking positive action for the planet and our health has never been tastier or easier!”

Tapping into the biggest Veganuary ever

Neat Burger’s new vegan fish burger is tapping into the biggest Veganuary yet. So far, more than 540,000 people have signed up. More are expected to sign the month-long pledge by the end of January.

Veganuary was conceived by husband and wife team Matthew Glover and Jane Land at their kitchen table. It had its first outing in 2014. Around 3,000 people took part.

Since then, more than one million people have officially signed the global pledge (which supports people to try a vegan diet throughout January and beyond). Market research company Kantar believes 10 times that number have taken part unofficially.

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