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South African food chain Nando’s is launching a vegan burger in the U.K, according to Vegan Food UK.

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It recently shared an image sourced from an anonymous insider instructing staff how to make a ‘Peri Plant Burger’ – which features a ‘based PERi-Plant Puck and ‘Vegan PERinaise’ as well as lettuce and tomato. 

Plant-based menu

Earlier this year, a spokesperson for Nando’s told Plant Based News: “Nando’s Food Team, which tests and develops the menu offering, is committed to and actively working on increasing the group’s plant-based menu offering…

“Building on a 40 percent reduction in its carbon footprint since 2015, Nando’s [also] commits to achieving absolute zero direct emissions and reducing the carbon footprint of a Nando’s meal by a further 50 percent by 2030.”

Vegan options

The food chain launched a plant-based chicken burger in Australia back in February – dubbed ‘The Great Pretender’ – but did state it would be cooked on the same surface as its meat counterparts.

The burger is said to have the same ‘kick of flavors’ as its signature chicken dishes, as it uses the chain’s ‘key ingredients’ such as lemon, herbs, and garlic.

Plant Based News has contacted Nando’s for comment

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