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Food ingredients firm Chinova Bioworks Inc. has launched a new scheme to help develop more vegan beers using a fining process involving mushroom fibers.

Experts have been developing the brewing technology ‘for years’, and announced the launch earlier this month.

The aim is to develop a fiber from white button mushrooms to help encourage breweries to engage in vegan practices.

Mushroom fiber fining agent

Often, animal-derived products such as egg whites, milk, and fish gelatin is used as a fining agent in the beverage industry. This is in order to remove certain chemicals to maintain flavor or to clarify colors.

Other fining agents include pepsin, an agent found in the stomach enzyme of pigs, and chitin which is found in lobster shells.

Chinova Bioworks says its new technology is eight times faster at settling yeast in the fining process. The new vegan certified white button mushroom fiber is called Chiber, and it’s marketed as being more cost-effective.

Moreover, it is dubbed to make it stay fresher for longer. Chinova Biowroks adds that it is both odorless and tasteless and won’t affect the flavor of the beers it is added to.

The Canada-based company is eyeing a 2022 launch and is working on market testing at the moment.

Helping breweries go vegan

In a statement, Chinova’s COO David Brown said: “People are searching for vegan and plant-based options for every aspect of their lifestyle.

“So, we are committed to innovating and providing sustainable solutions based off our white button mushroom fiber technology.”

Brown added that many alcoholic drinks, beer in particular, are ‘plagued’ with animal products. They’re also full of as synthetic ingredients, Brown adds.

You can find out more about Chinova Bioworks here

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