Reading Time: < 1 minute The dairy-free chocolate bars are already available in the UK Credit: Mars
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Confectionary giant Mars is launching vegan versions of its iconic topic and bounty bars.

The dairy-free chocolate is already available in UK supermarket chain Morrisons. It will debut in Asda from the end of the month, retailing at £3 for a 100g bar.

‘Something excitingly different’

According to The Grocer, Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats GM Michelle Frost said the launch follows the ‘incredibly popular’ debut of Galaxy Vegan.

“We believe that Topic Vegan and Bounty Vegan will add something excitingly different to the free-from category,” Frost added.

Vegan Galaxy 

Mars first launched a vegan version of its classic Galaxy chocolate back in 2019. It now offers five different flavors such as smooth orange, caramel and sea salt, crumbled cookie, and smooth mint.

Moreover, it recently added vegan hot chocolate to its dairy-free line-up – which retails at £2.99 and is available at Waitrose stores.

“We’re so excited to be bringing these delicious treats to Galaxy’s range using a vegan recipe that doesn’t compromise on the brand’s signature smooth and creamy characteristics,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, marketing director at Mars Wrigley UK.

“Wherever you look you can’t avoid the vegan buzz in the UK. Even though vegan treats are currently only worth £10 million in a £4 billion chocolate market… By introducing Galaxy, one of the UK’s best-known brands, there is a huge opportunity for the category to grow.”

Liam Giliver

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