Reading Time: < 1 minute Heart-shaped vegan churros are available for dessert. Credit: Marks and Spencer
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UK retailer Marks and Spencer has launched a plant-based dine-in meal for two ahead of Valentine’s Day this month.

The Plant Kitchen dine-in deal includes a starter, main, dessert, side, and drink for £20.

Plant Kitchen for Valentine’s Day

Marks and Spencer’s range includes a shittake mushroom paté for starter, followed by a No-Beef Creamy Peppercorn Pie for main. Made from pea protein, the pie is complete with a cracked black pepper heart shape on top.

The chosen side dish is a Potato Dauphinoise. To finish, the range offers heart-shaped churros for dessert with a rich vegan chocolate sauce.


Vegan Food UK listed the asparagus and broccoli side dishes as plant-based, as well as the fresh strawberries dessert.

In addition, vegan-friendly prosecco is also available, as well as a selection of soft drinks such as Elderflower Pressé and Mango Pressé.

Vegan Food UK is an online organization sharing vegan food news, reviews, vlogs, and more. It operates across multiple social media platforms, with a Facebook groupFacebook pageYouTube channel, and Instagram account.

The organization branded the range ‘super-indulgent’.

‘It’s super-indulgent’

Marks and Spencer’s vegan range

Marks and Spencer was awarded the Vegan-Friendly High-Street Retailer Award for its vegan logo in 2019.

The range now included over 50 dishes. Last year, it added two new vegan ice-creams to the line-up.

The dine-in range is available in-store from Wednesday, February 10.

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