Lab-Grown Lobster Meat Unveiled At Event In Singapore - 'World's First'

‘World’s First’ Cell-Based Lobster Meat Unveiled In Asia


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'World's First' lab-grown lobster meat unveiled in Asia Shiok Meats unveils lab-grown lobster meat at a tasting event in Singapore - Media Credit:
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Shiok Meats, based in Singapore, has unveiled the ‘world’s first-ever’ cell-based lobster meat made inside a lab.

The cultured meat is made from harvesting cells, and the company claims the process is similar to growing fruits and vegetables in a greenhouse.

Solving ‘inefficiencies’

Co-founders Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Dr. Ka Yi Ling unveiled the lobster prototype at a private tasting event, using it to make a gazpacho and terrine dish.

Dr. Sriram revealed the company’s mission is to transform the seafood industry in order to solve ‘the inefficiencies around global protein production’.


Adrien Desbaillets, of Saladstop, who attended the tasting said the taste was ‘wonderful’.

He added: “To really get a sense of umami flavors that can be developed from this sort of technology, and by blending it with different bases, it really fascinating.

“It’s a great journey that Shiok Meats has been on for the past two years, and exciting to see it all come together.”

Cultured meat

The meat is ‘animal, health, and environment friendly’ without cruelty, according to Shiok Meats – but cultured meat is not vegan as it still requires the use of animals.

Research indicates 35 percent of meat will be lab-cultured over the next 20 years.

Shiok Meats plans to launch products in 2022, starting with its Shiok Shrimp.

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