Reading Time: < 1 minute The new bars are available in UK retailer Morrisons Credit: Kellogg's
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Kellogg’s is launching a vegan snack range created by kids.

The food giant’s W.K Kellogg by Kids Bars comes in two flavors: Orange & Carrot and Strawberry, Raspberry & Beetroot. 

The bars, which contain less than 100 calories, are available in Morrisons stores throughout the UK. They retail at £2.49 for a five-pack. Reports say more retailers will stock the products in the coming months. 

‘Healthy snacks’

Catriona Campbell-Voegt is a nutritionist and Kellogg’s UK wellbeing lead. According to Wales Online, she said: ‘”So often, parents struggle when it comes to choosing healthy snacks for their children. 

“Striking the right balance between something that’s tasty and fun for children but also nutritious can be really difficult. That’s why we’ve created a product both parents and kids will love.

“‘W.K Kellogg by Kids Oaty Bars are a snack parents can be confident giving to their children because of the health credentials. They’re also a fun, tasty product which kids can enjoy.”

Kellogg’s animal testing ban

Back in 2019, Kellogg’s agreed to end its use of animals in ‘harmful and deadly’ tests for food products or ingredients. The move followed years of campaigning from vegan charity PETA.

“The global food industry is recognizing that no marketing claim can possibly excuse force-feeding, poisoning, suffocating, and killing gentle rats in cruel and deadly tests,” said Shalin Gala, Vice President of PETA US.

Liam Giliver

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