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Food giant Heinz has launched vegan alternatives to its iconic mayonnaise and salad cream.

The egg-free condiments are already available in England from supermarket giant Tesco, retailing at £2.80 a bottle. 

‘A lot of research’

Speaking to Checkout, Head of Ireland, Kraft Heinz David Adams said: “Veganism is a trend that we are seeing across the board in so many grocery retail categories and it is being driven by vegans, but also by flexitarians who want to eat less meat and have a more balanced diet.

“These consumers are looking for a broader range of food and for more excitement in categories. Our range of vegan mayonnaise and salad cream will be launched in Ireland in January 2021. 

“A lot of research went into the development of that range because we had to maintain the same product taste and we are proud that we have managed to do that.”

‘A new plant-based range’

The brand also aims to have 85 percent of its products compliant with global nutrition guidelines by 2025 – and says plant-based is the ‘next step’ for achieving this target.

“Beans are already a vegan product, so we are looking to take beans as a base for a new plant-based range,” Adams added. 

“We are working through a few ideas at the moment and we are excited about the possibilities in the plant-based arena.”

Plant Based News has contacted Heinz for comment 

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