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British bakery giant, Greggs, is adding two new vegan items to its menu – according to an insider.

The news was announced by Vegan Food UK who claim one of the launches is set to happen in the next few weeks.

Vegan Food UK is an online organization sharing vegan food news, reviews, vlogs, and more. It operates across multiple social media platforms, with a Facebook groupFacebook pageYouTube channel, and Instagram account.

Vegan releases

According to Vegan Food UK, Greggs will unveil a Vegan Ham and Cheeze Baguette and breakfast version of its famous sausage roll.

The organization was sent a photo of a document with the Greggs logo on, hinting at the baguette product release.

‘We get a lot of inside info about various launches, but will only post when we have photo evidence…which we do for this one’, Vegan Food UK reported.

Many called on the company to launch a vegan chicken bake as well

Following the news, the organization posted another photo, this time of a roll of stickers reading ‘Vegan Sausage’. It will be available as a breakfast bap, according to the post.

As a result, a social media frenzy ensued after both reveals were seen by thousands. Additionally, many users called for the bakery to release a vegan Chicken Bake.

Greggs’ vegan items

Since launching its famous vegan sausage roll in 2019, Greggs reported skyrocketing profits. Its other vegan offerings include a steak bake and donut.

Moreover, it has since confirmed it is working on creating new vegan products.

Plant-based chicken could ‘soon’ be on the menu, claimed CEO Roger Whiteside.

Plant Based News has contacted Greggs for a comment

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