Over 40% Of Germans Have Ditched Or Reduced Meat, Says Report

Germans who consider themselves 'out and proud' omnivores are in the minority for the first time in the country, says the research


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Germans Germans are reducing their meat intake - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

Some 42 percent of Germans have deliberately ditched meat or reduced how much they eat, the Guardian reports.

The outlet cites research published in the scientific journal Foods.

It shows that ‘out-and-proud omnivores (those who eat meat without any restrictions) are a minority’ in the country. Furthermore, it is for the first time.

‘Quite profound’

The 42 percent includes not only vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, but also flexitarians. Reasons for reducing or ditching meat included environmental and animal welfare concerns.

Bath University psychologist Christopher Bryant, who worked on the study, said: “The social implications [of the German numbers] here are potentially quite profound.

“The view that being a carnivore is ‘normal’ is part of the lay moral reasoning for continuing to eat meat.”

He added that when meat replacements become cheaper and tastier, more people are likely to reject the idea that being a carnivore is ‘normal’.

Germans and veganism

A recent list by Chef’s Pencil says most people consider Germany vegan-friendly. It ranked it sixth in a list of the world’s top 10 vegan-friendliest countries.

Meat products are traditionally very popular in with Germans. But according to Chef’s Pencil, Google Trends data showed that countries whose cuisine traditionally is greatly meat- and dairy-based are seeing a big rise in veganism.

This, it concluded, means that ‘veganism is stronger than ever’.

The organization added that searches for vegan recipes skyrocketed during lockdown. They continue to go strong – even though lockdown has come to an end in most parts of the world and many restaurants have re-opened.

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