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Bauer, a traditional German dairy manufacturer, has announced the launch of a plant-based range this year – as well as a sponsorship deal with Germany’s Next Top Model.

Bauer’s vegan range

The GrünKraft Pur Plant Pleanzlich range includes a plant-based yogurt made from Bavarian oats, as well as vegan cheese.

Flavors of the yogurt include peach and passionfruit, blueberry, strawberry, and cherry.

The vegan cheese alternative, Farmers Disc, is made using olive oil. It comes in three different flavors: Pure, Chives, and Tomato-Olive.

Germany’s Next Top Model

Baur is the official partner of Germany’s Next Top Model this year, which is now in its 16th season.

The company announced the news on social media: ‘We are already very excited with our brand new products from GrünKraft Pur Plant Pleanzlick which will soon be available for you too.”

Germany’s Next Top Model will focus on the plant-based range to promote a healthy and balanced diet and reach Bauer’s target audience, Vegconomist reported.

Bauer’s Managing Director told the news outlet: “As a wide-reaching TV event, Germany’s Next Top Model offers the perfect platform for our new and versatile plant-based range. This not only increases visibility but also reaches one of our main target groups.”

The three vegan cheese flavors: Pure, Chive, and Tomato-Olive

Veganism in Germany

A poll found the number of vegans in Germany had doubled in four years – stretching to around 2.6 million people.

Moving towards better treatment of animals, the German government approved a draft law banning the culling of male chicks earlier this month.

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