Reading Time: < 1 minute The new bap joins a selection of other vegan options available at the coffee chain Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Costa is adding another vegan offering across its menus nationwide. Now, UK customers can purchase the vegan bacon roll from the coffee giant as part of the autumn menu.

Costa’s vegan bacon roll

The Vegan Bac’n Breakfast Bap is on offer for £3. Moreover, it is made with Finnebrogue‘s Naked Bacon Without The Oink! and vegan spread.

The brand launched its meatless bacon rashers in UK supermarkets last year, dubbed to provide a good source of fiber and vitamin B12.

‘There really is nothing like the taste and smell of proper bacon. But these delicious rashers are made without the oink.

‘So, absolutely everyone can be part of that special bacon-eating experience’, the brand states.

Big reveal

Vegan Food UK hinted at the launch last month. Moreover, the organization commended Costa for providing a crisp crunch.

The new vegan bap was commended on social media

Vegan Food UK is an online organization sharing vegan food news, reviews, vlogs, and more. It operates across multiple social media platforms, with a Facebook group, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram account.

Costa vegan options

The new bap joins a selection of other vegan options available at the coffee chain.

Among them is an Ultimate Chocolate Slice by BOSH!, a Gingerbread Latte Vegan Cookie, as well as several other snack options.

The Vegan Bac’n Bap is subject to store availability.

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