Reading Time: < 1 minute The new pizzas will be available in several UK supermarkets Credit: Love From A Vegan / Instagram
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Chicago Town has launched two new vegan pizzas in the UK. 

The frozen pizza brand will launch its new pies – Stuffed Crust Smoky Bac’n and Deep-dish ‘Cheezeburger’ – in Tesco, Morrison’s, and Iceland. Both retail at £2.50.

‘Tastes so good’

Food blogger Jess, better knows as Love From A Vegan, broke the news on Instagram.

“I am so happy [Chicago Town has] released a vegan version of their deep dish pizzas because I used to love them, this one is incredible, the vegan mince tastes so good and with the gherkins, it really does have a cheeseburger taste.

“I already loved the bbq jackfruit pizza they originally released but this one is a step up for me with these toppings, it’s so so good.

“As a pizza lover, it’s always exciting to see new vegan pizzas, and as Chicago Town were one of my favorites before going vegan. I love that I can have them again! “

Vegan pizza

Last year, Chicago Town debuted its first-ever vegan pizza in the UK. 

The Sticky BBQ Jackfruit pizza, which has a tomato stuffed crust, launched in Tesco, Asda, and Iceland at the beginning of this year. 

The pie, which is topped with a range of veggies including jackfruit, retailed at £3.50. 

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