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Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power’s vegan wine brand Avaline has sold more than 120,000 bottles in three months, PBN can reveal.

The brand is now expediting the launch of its third product – a vegan red wine – due to the company’s ‘rapid success’ and customer demand.

‘Highly anticipated’

“This highly anticipated release will join [Avaline’s] portfolio of clean, vegan wines made with organic grapes” Avaline told PBN.

“Created to offer peace of mind for the conscious consumer, transparency is central to Avaline’s mission. [The brand] shares all ingredients and nutritional information.”


In July, the brand launched two wines: a Rosé with ‘notes of melon and zest’ and dry White ‘with a crisp, fresh finish’. Both retail at $24 a bottle. 

Avaline told PBN its white wine was listed in the top 10 best-selling white blends in the ultra-premium category through the four-week period ending August 8.

Whilst its Rosé ‘continues to sell at a steady pace each week’ with close to 1,000 re-orders. 

Is wine vegan?

Several animal products such as gelatin, isinglass, and egg, are commonly used during the winemaking process – making many unsuitable for a vegan diet. 

You can check which wines are vegan using Barnivore 

Liam Giliver

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