Why Billionaire Jim Mellon Is Predicting The End Of Meat, Dairy And Fish In 10 Years


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Jim Mellon is predicting the end of the meat and dairy industries, in light of the booming cell-based technology industry The cell-based technology industry is witnessing staggering growth and expected reach full price parity by 2035 - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.

British billionaire and investor Jim Mellon is certain the future will be free from the clutches of the meat and dairy industries.

Here’s why.

Jim Mellon

According to Mellon’s predictions, the food industry is set to see some big changes over the next decade.

The 64-year-old has helped create and support huge biotechnology companies, some of which aim to extend human life longevity.

He’s also the largest shareholder in Agronomics, an investment company focussed on expanding ‘modern foods’ – aka cell-cultured meat.

Additionally, his book Moo’s Law provides an ‘investor’s guide to the new agrarian revolution’.

Billionaire predictions

First, the dairy industry as we know it – where cows produce milk – ‘will be gone’, he says. This is because alternative plant milks, such as almond and soy, will take over.

Or, they will be made using precision fermentation, a technology using microbial hosts as cell factories, in order to create an identical protein. One of the leaders in the dairy fermentation industry is Change Foods, a brand aiming to create ‘mind-blowing animal-free foods’ that are better for the planet.

Secondly, Mellon predicts the meat industry will collapse. Half of it will consist of plant-based foods, or foods made using cellular agriculture, he claims.

‘We already have the products. All we need is the scale, the money, and the will’, he says.

The views were shared in a TikTok video on Dubai Future Foundation. But the mogul has also been speaking out with a host of media outlets.


Author & billionaire investor Jim Mellon runs the largest cellular agriculture investment firm in the world. #future #food #science

? original sound – Dubai Future Foundation
Jim Mellon shared his three predictions for the future of food

Meat and dairy end

Cellular technology is largely considered as providing an answer to ending factory farming and destructive animal agriculture for good.

It’s expanded as the wider plant-based movement has witnessed staggering growth in recent years. Renowned companies leading the change include Oatly, with its soaring shares on its IPO debut: at an estimated £1 billion.

Moreover, supermarkets, stores, and schemes are all contributing to hiking customer demand.

And changing perspectives on the environment are leading people to rethink their food choices like never before.

Additionally, vast investments are becoming more frequent into vegan giants – allowing more funds to be funneled into product development.

The cell-based and industry is especially booming, and it’s expected to reach full price parity by 2035. This is in line with wider predictions that 11 percent of traditionally animal-based products will be spawn from alternative protein technology.

Even food giants such as Nestlé are expanding into it.

Cellular agriculture

Additionally, it’s not just cellular meat and dairy that are on the rise. Cell-based seafood brands are ramping up production across borders as well.

It’s followed a host of celebrities advocating for marine health since the debut of the hit Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy.

Dubbed the ‘start of a global shift’, it’s become evident that increasing people are concerned about overfishing and ocean health.

And this is Jim Mellon’s third prediction: that half the world’s fish will be produced in factories by 2040.


Despite this, many vegans remain conflicted about it. As the meat is made from animal cells, some disagree because they feel it is unethical.

Others are concerned it ‘messes around with nature’.

Vegans remain divided on the industry

Either way, cell-cultured meat is here to stay.

And, if billionaire businessman Jim Mellon is correct, it will mark the start of a transformed agricultural system.

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