Donald Trump Does Donald Trump hate vegan meat? - Media Credit: THIS

Viral Vegan Advert Says Donald Trump Hates Vegan Bacon

The advert, created by plant-based bacon and chicken company THIS, shows Donald Trump pledging to wage war on 'phoney' food


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A major new vegan advert with tens of thousands of views suggests Donald Trump hates vegan bacon.

The ad, created by U.K plant-based company THIS, shows the politician blasting the plant-based bacon as ‘phoney and fake’. Calling vegan meat the ‘enemy of the people’ in the edited montage, Trump then says ‘we have to fight it’.

It was posted yesterday (November 3) as U.S voters took to the ballot box to vote in the presidential race between incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.


The advert was unsurprisingly controversial, with mixed responses. The majority of social media users appeared to love the ad, with one saying: “Oh my god THIS is hilarious!!”

Another added: “Hahahah! You guys! Forever at the forefront.”

But others weren’t keen about the political messaging, with one saying: “Not a f*cking chance [he would vote for Joe Biden]. Love your products not your politics.”

Vegan bacon

THIS has had an incredibly successful year so far. In recent months, it its plant-based bacon and chicken in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and ASDA meaning it has become available in three of the ‘big four’ supermarkets within five months.

Andy Shovel is the co-Founder of THIS. In a statement sent to PBN, he said: “Launching into ASDA is a huge opportunity for us. The pandemic has definitely been a bit of a curveball but luckily people still like to eat.

“We’ve had to pivot our sales strategy from about 70 percent retail and 30 percent foodservice to mostly retail (85 percent). Fortunately, the demand for plant-based foods has really surged during the pandemic.”

Tesco incubator program

In addition, Tesco’s recently added THIS to its Incubator program. The scheme offers brands 12-months of support and specialist knowledge from Tesco’s product team.

Andy Shovel, co-founder of THIS, said: “Being included on the Tesco Incubator Programme is a gigantic honor for us. With alumni like Fevertree, Brewdog and Graze, we can’t help but feel excited by what opportunities it could bring our way. 

“Being on the program will unlock ‘one to one’ support from across the Tesco team, designed to help us realize the full potential of being listed with Tesco. 

“There is no university course that teaches FMCG teams how to make the most of working with retailers. We’re incredibly grateful that Tesco has offered this leg-up and insight into their operation.”

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1 year ago

You shouldn’t politicize veganism and pander to one party over another. Both parties are firmly carnist at this point with vegan agenda being on NO PARTY’s platform. Also if you are truly vegan for the animals you would want to reach out to EVERYONE not just to PC racist socialists who think veganism is racist because “poor black people can’t afford vegan food”

Robbie @ Plant Based News
Reply to  hellohello

With all due respect HelloHello, this is satire and comedy. We would write about political leaders on all sides. The function of journalism is to speak truth to power and hold leaders to account. This is a satirical advert that speaks to the issues, but also highlights a vegan product in a clever way. I would love to understand how you think this is ‘pandering’ to any party?

Daved Forkel
Daved Forkel
1 year ago

I have always said if people could see and hear what goes on behind closed doors in the meat, dairy and poultry industries that they would become vegan. They need to be educated on the horrors and inhumane treatment of animals. They are living sentient beings that have a right to live as we humans do. The human body was never designed for consumption of flesh foods. Animal products result in the murder of animals, diseases and destruction of the environment. We now have companies world-wide that are embarking upon new innovated products that are textured and tasty like animal flesh, as well as dairy free and egg free products. Animals first, health, then the environment. Meaters (meat-eaters) are no different than cannibals just the degree that’s all; flesh is flesh whether it’s from a human or animal.

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