Reading Time: < 1 minute Critics and influencers were fooled by the vegan chicken and bacon (Photo: PBN)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A food brand which claims its meat alternative products are the ‘most realistic in the world’ tricked a room full of food critics with its vegan bacon and chicken.

THIS, which launched in 670 Holland and Barrett stores last week, offers a range of products including bacon rashers, chicken tikka pieces, and chicken salt and pepper pieces.

Fooling the critics

The brand held a tasting event for 25 food critics and influencers and asked them to review a three-course meal, featuring THIS products.

Secret cameras revealed diners complimenting the food, with one describing the chicken as ‘delicious’ and another saying it was ‘beautiful’.

After the meal, THIS founders Andy Shovel and Pete Sharman revealed that the food was all plant-based.

THIS managed to fool its diners

‘Most realistic in the world’

“We firmly believe that THIS is producing the most realistic plant-based meat in the world. We’ve spent one year breaking down the constituent parts found in chicken and bacon, then rebuilding them from plants,” THIS told Plant Based News.

“It’s been an absolutely painstaking and expensive process. We’re leveraging the fact that 90+ percent of us love the taste and texture of meat, but around 40 percent of us want to reduce our meat intake in the UK, and THIS is for those people.

“Having such realistic-to-meat products allows us to do cool stuff that our competitors can’t really do – like the secret camera dinner stunt. We’ve got a lot of other tricks up our sleeve, video-wise.”

Maria Chiorando

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