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Food giant Upfield Professional, which owns Flora, has created a vegan alternative to double cream made from fava beans and vegetable oils.

The new product, which is not available for general consumers and only for food professionals, is said to ‘behave just like dairy cream’ and is suitable for both cooking and whipping.


According to FoodBev Media, Head of marketing at Upfield Professional Alan Black described the product as a ‘game-changer for the foodservice industry’.

“Not only does it cater to those following a vegan diet, Flora Plant helps chefs overcome the challenge of managing allergens, which if not handled extremely carefully, can lead to a loss in customers, or even worse, criminal prosecution,” Balck stated.

“We create great-tasting plant-based foods – and Flora Plant is no different. It can be enjoyed by vegans and dairy cream lovers alike. We believe following a vegan diet, or a diet that requires the removal of specific allergens shouldn’t mean compromising on taste.”

‘Not an udder in sight’

On Instagram, Flora Pro UK added: “Cream. We need to talk! The world’s changed and you’re out of date… Not an udder in sight!”

Food professionals, i.e Chefs, Bakers, and those working in Food Services, can order a free sample here

*This article was updated on April 28 to clarify the product is only available for professionals 

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