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Burger chain Five Guys is ‘actively looking at’ adding a vegan option to its menu, according to reports.

The chain, which has 100 outlets across the UK, currently has no vegan mains on offer. The only animal-free option is fries, as a vegetable sandwich is served on a bun which has egg and milk in it.

Vegan options at Five Guys

But that could change, according to the business’s CEO John Eckbert. Speaking during MCA’s? Food To Go conference in London on February 5, he was asked plant-based options – and if they would soon be offered.

“The answer is maybe, which is a huge thing for Five Guys,” he said. “The opportunity to have the family consider a vegan option is interesting and they do have an open mind about it. They’ve said they’ll think about it.

“It has to be a great product and something that is uniquely ours but there’s a chance for it. There is an open door.”

Five Guys

Vegan organization Veganuary has previously called on its fans to lobby Five Guys for vegan options, saying: “Okay, so, pretty much the only vegan item currently available on the Five Guys menu is their fries – and marvelous fries they are too – but we know they can do better.

“When restaurants fail to cater for plant-based diets, it doesn’t necessarily mean that vegans should write them off forever. Here are three things you can do to help sway them towards embracing the vegan lifestyle.

“Tweet, comment or message them on social media asking about vegan options, email their customer services department (larger chains usually have one)…pop into your local branch and ask staff and managers in person.”

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