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Vogue Magazine has declared ‘fashion finally needs [to] disown fur’.

The publication has received heavy criticism in the past for its use of animal skins and furs. But now, it says the fashion industry needs to ‘say goodbye’ to fur. 

Vogue’s latest feature, penned by culture writer Rosalind Jana, explores the fur industry’s link to zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19.

It states Denmark’s decision to cull farmed mink following mutated strains of the coronavirus has put the fashion industry’s role in the outbreak ‘under close scrutiny’. 

‘Unjustifiable ethical issues’

“No longer the marker of luxury it was, fur is now often seen as a retrograde product mired in unjustifiable ethical issues,” the piece states.

“The rise of innovative fur alternatives has also helped…

So, will this mink cull force the fashion industry to finally kill off its fur trade? It’s hard to tell…. But the fur industry has undoubtedly taken a downward turn in recent years.”

Will Vogue turn fur-free?

Earlier this year, vegan charity PETA urged Vogue’s Editor In Chief Anna Wintour to ban fur and exotic skins from the magazine

The request followed Wintour’s comments about how the pandemic had made the company ‘excess’ consumption and waste.

President Ingrid Newkirk said: “PETA supports Wintour’s pledge to reexamine her values, as they have caused cruelty to animals for years.

 “We suggest a departure from the old-style, cavepeople fashion previously rife in Vogue.”

You can read the full article here

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