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Queen Elizabeth II has won a vegan fashion award for ditching animal fur. 

The royal figure scooped the ‘Most Iconic Moment’ at the PETA Fashion Awards 2020.

‘A sign of the times’

Last year, Elizabeth II’s senior dresser Angela Kelly announced the Queen had officially gone fur-free.

Speaking to Vogue, Kelly said: “If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather… From 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm.”

“In a sign of the times, the Queen became the latest famous name to be added to the long list of public figures who no longer wear the fur of tormented animals,” PETA wrote last year.

“Her Majesty’s decision is in line with the opinion of most of her subjects. Research shows that 95 percent of the British public opposes the fur trade.” 

Vegan Fashion Awards

Speaking about its latest vegan fashion awards, PETA said: “Consumer demand for ethical fashion keeps rising. Fashion brands [are] offering clothing for which animals weren’t beaten, slaughtered, or skinned….

“The PETA Fashion Awards celebrate the labels, style icons, and forward-thinking designers that have made big statements for animals.”

Other winners of the PETA Fashion Awards 2020 include Stella McCartney who received ‘Best Catwalk Moment’ . Moreover, Telfar scooped the ‘Most Wanted Award’ for its vegan leather bags.

Liam Giliver

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