Reading Time: 2 minutes The designs were made to direct shoppers to the anti-deforestation Greenpeace campaign Credit: Supplied
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As part of Earth Day 2021, designer Stella McCartney has announced the launch of a capsule collection. It’s in coalition with Greenpeace’s campaign to stop deforestation in the Amazon.

Additionally, the renowned sustainable fashion house launched an environmental speaker program featuring vegan climate advocates in line with the reopening of its flagship store in London.


Campaigners and scientists have long blamed animal agriculture for causing immense deforestation across the vast ecosystem of the Amazon. This is largely due to the land being cleared for cattle ranching.

Furthermore, deforestation is leading to more disastrous consequences for the rest of the world such as increased global warming.

As a result, the brand is supporting Greenpeace’s calls to stop it. Moreover, it will be making a donation through the Stella McCartney Cares Foundation.

The capsule collection includes two styles of t-shirts and two sweatshirts inspired by vintage eco-activist designs.

The capsule, retailing between £250 and £550, will be made from organic cotton.

Stella McCartney hopes to direct consumers towards the Greenpeace campaign as the brand celebrates its 20th anniversary, and Greenpeace’s 50th this year.

‘Urgent issue’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, McCartney said: “Stella McCartney has been a vegetarian brand since day one. And, I could not be prouder to support an incredible organization like Greenpeace to celebrate our anniversaries and raise awareness of this urgent issue. 

“I hope things do not return to normal in 2021 – rather, I hope we return to life more mindful, particularly when it comes to our decisions. 

“Precious forests, like the Amazon, should not be destroyed to produce industrial meat sold around the world. 

“Simply reducing meat in your diet can help protect the Amazon from deforestation and safeguard this vital ecosystem and our climate for future generations.”

Moreover, the brand says it has never sourced products from ancient or endangered forests.

#StellaTalks x Earthrise

The panel features several climate activists, such as Alice Aedy

In addition to the capsule launch, the brand is reopening its flagship on Old Bond Street. This will include the launch of a six-part speaker series in-store.

The first edition features vegan filmmaker Alice Aedy. She is the founder of Earthrise Studio, which is an organization seeking to increase communication on the climate crisis.

On it, she will host a panel on the urgency of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest with fellow environmental advocates. They include Nina Gualinga, Nathalie Kelley, and Leila Salazar-Lopez.

The talk is taking place on April 22 at 7pm.

You can shop the Stella McCartney x Greenpeace capsule exclusively via the brand’s website here from this April

Find out more about the Greenpeace campaign here

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