Prince Charles Blasted Over ‘Sustainable’ Fashion Range Featuring Eco-Unfriendly Fabrics

The line includes fabrics like silk, which has been rated by the Higg Index as having the worst impact on the environment of any textile


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Prince Charles Prince Charles says he would rather mend than replace clothes - Media Credit: Andy Gott

Prince Charles has been blasted over his new ‘sustainable’ fashion line – which features some of the most eco-unfriendly fabrics.

The heir to the throne created the line in collaboration with Italian brand Yoox Net-A-Porter. 

Some have criticized the particularly steep price tags of the range which includes not only a £635 shirt but also a £795 dress. But others have noted how undeniably unsustainable the fabrics are.

Mend not throw away

Prince Charles has spoken out before about how he prefers to repair clothes rather than replace them. The items in his 18-piece line are supposed to last a lifetime, hence the hefty price tag.

The line includes a padded cashmere bomber jacket costing £1,250. It also offers a pleated silk midi dress at £795 as well as merino wool blend drawstring trousers for £695.

However, profits from the range will go to The Prince’s Foundation. The organization runs training programs, in the hope that traditional skills will be kept alive.

‘Utter madness’

“The key it seems to me is to rediscover the importance that nature plays in all this and where the natural materials come from,” said the royal.

“It seems utter madness to have this approach which takes, makes and throws away. I think many of the students have perfected the techniques they were finding quite difficult at the beginning.

“Hopefully they’ll take away that understanding of sustainability in design and fashion but apply it to their own little businesses they want to start.”

 ‘Worst impact on the environment’

While the line was designed to be sustainable, according to vegan charity PETA, some of the fabrics used are anything but. 

The organization’s director of corporate projects, Yvonne Taylor spoke about it to Plant Based News. “Using animals’ skin, hair, wool, or fur perpetuates cruelty and contributes to climate change,” she said.

“Land is cleared and trees are felled to graze sheep – who release methane into the atmosphere – for wool. Cashmere is a major contributor to land degradation and desertification.”


She then added: “And silk, which is made by boiling silkworms alive, has been rated by the Higg Index as having the worst impact on the environment of any textile.

“It’s no coincidence that the biggest textile launches in recent years have focused on innovative animal-free fabrics. 

“The only way to create a truly sustainable fashion line is to choose ethically produced vegan materials.”

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