Major Taiwan Silicone Manufacturer To Roll Out Vegan Leather As Global Demand Surges


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Taiwan silicone manufacturer is to roll out vegan leather as global demand surges General Silicones is using natural silica to form the vegan leather - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

Taiwanese silicone manufacturer General Silicones is to roll out plastic-free vegan leather products as global demand surges.

The company creates silicone products for a host of clients worldwide. And, it says it’s pleased it can now offer ‘a greener alternative’.

General Silicones

The vegan leather is made from silicone rubber, which is derived from natural silica, found in the earth’s crust.

General Silicones says the Compo-SiL material is non-toxic, durable, and ‘harmless’ to the environment.

And, it offers a sustainable alternative to animal leather. It also claims to be highly durable and water-resistant.

Moreover, no harmful chemicals are used in the production process.

‘Vegan leather from GS is unique in providing an easily scalable solution to support the fast-growing demand for sustainable vegan leather solutions’, the company claimed.

Textile, transportation, and medical companies will be able to use the product.


The natural silica occurs naturally across the earth Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.

The company’s mission is to ‘help improve our life quality and leave the next generation a pollution-free environment’.

Many plastic-based leather alternatives release harmful gases once they end up in landfill.

However, General Silicones assures its Compo-SiL is free from releasing toxic fumes.

It’s part of the company’s move to becoming ‘zero-waste’. Currently, its products are used in Europe, China, and Japan.

Vegan leather

Manufacturers around the globe are releasing more types of vegan leather as global demand surges.

From utilizing floral waste in India to the fique plant in Colombia, it’s an ever-growing industry.

Additionally, large brands are jumping on board. They include H&M and Adidas.

Moreover, it’s predicted to be worth almost $90 billion by 2025. This is according to a report by Infinium Global Research.

You can find out more about Compo-SiL here

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