Reading Time: < 1 minute Are Critics right? Is Beyond Meat unhealthy? Credit: Beyond Meat
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Meat-centric barbecue chain, Famous Dave’s, has announced it will trial Beyond Meat’s vegan protein – with plans to launch the plant-based meat across restaurants in the US by fall.

The trial, which will begin in mid-August, will introduce the plant-based meat to five locations: one in Minnesota and four in Colorado.

‘Extremely happy’

“We’ve been busy in the test kitchen experimenting with plant-based meat options, working to find solutions in line with the quality our Famous Dave’s guests have come to expect and we are extremely happy with the quality of Beyond Meat,” said Sylvia Matzke-Hill, Culinary Director of Famous Dave’s.

“It’s important that the new items fit in perfectly with the rest of our award-winning and fan favorites and we believe that the new options will do just that.”

‘Evolving palates’

Jeff Crivello, CEO of Famous Dave’s, added: “In listening to our fans, we see tremendous opportunity to cater to their evolving palates and look forward to expanding the menu even further.”

According to Business Insider, shares of Famous Dave’s shot up by 10 percent, following the chain’s announced partnership with Beyond Meat.

This year, Beyond Meat has also partnered with popular chains such as Del Taco and Tim Hortons.

Liam Giliver

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