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A family in America has collectively lost 170lb in six months after adopting a whole-foods-plant-based-no-oil (WFPBNO) diet.

Gabriella Gyurko Ashford and her family ditched animal-products in support of her husband – who switched to a WFPBNO diet following a visit to the cardiologist.

‘Amazing journey’

Posting in the Forks Over Knives Official Facebook Group – an online community focusing on plant-based eating- Ashford shared the pictures of the family taken a year apart.

She said: “I did not see this amazing journey on my radar! I am really appreciating this forum because feeding the teenagers had seemed really daunting when I started… Thank you!”

The post attracted more than 4,700 likes and 370 comments at the time of writing.

Lower BMI

A study published last month discovered vegans and veggies tend to have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI).

The study, titled Less Animal-Based Food, Better Weight Status: Associations of the Restriction of Animal-Based Product Intake with Body-Mass-Index, Depressive Symptoms and Personality in the General Population, was published in the journal Nutrients.

In the abstract, the authors set out their intention, saying: “Restricting animal-based products from diet may exert beneficial effects on weight status; however, less is known about such a diet and emotional health. Moreover, personality traits, for example, high neuroticism, may contribute to restrictive eating habits and potentially confound diet-health associations. We aim to systematically assess if restrictive dietary intake of animal-based products relates to lower weight and higher depressive symptoms and if differences in personality traits play a significant role.”

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