Reading Time: 2 minutes The city is known for its casinos - maybe it will become known for its plant-based offerings?
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Las Vegas will be hosting a month-long vegan event in January – to celebrate Veganuary, as well as showcase the growing demand for vegan food in the city.

The event, which has been curated by website Vegans, Baby, is called Veganuary Las Vegas.

‘Not just for vegans’

According to organizers, the event – which will ‘acknowledge the exploding vegan dining scene in Las Vegas’ – isn’t just for vegans.

“It’s for anyone who is participating in the vegan month-long challenge put on by Veganuary, and even those who aren’t.

“We want to showcase Las Vegas’ movement towards the upper echelons in the vegan dining scene in the US, as well as show other restaurants in town there is a demand for vegan dishes – and a big one.”


The event offers people a chance to try vegan options, as well as meet up with like-minded people.

Vegans, Baby has teamed up with a number of vegan restaurants across the city, which will put vegan dishes on their menus during the month.

A portion of the proceeds from each featured dish will be split between Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and Veganuary – where contributions will help the organization help the vegan curious convert to plant-based lifestyles.

The site will also be hosting a launch party, and a mid-month meet-up, to occur on January 3 and 16 respectively.

Details of all participating restaurants have been published on the site.

Veganizing Las Vegas

Veganuary Las Vegas is just one sign of a shift toward plant-based eating in the tourist hotspot, and follows the conversion of three pre-existing restaurants from ‘regular’ to fully-vegan establishments.

Creator of Vegans, Baby Diana Edelman sat down with the Los Angeles Times earlier this month to let readers know about the growth of veganism in Las Vegas.

“It’s slowly getting there,” she said. “More and more restaurants are starting to have vegan options.”

Emily Court

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