EXCLUSIVE: Top Vegan Bloggers Review Plant-Based JUST Egg


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The product ready for its taste test (Photo: Plant Based News) - Media Credit:

Two top vegan bloggers have teamed up to review one of the most highly-anticipated plant-based food releases for Plant Based News.

In this exclusive PBN video, Toni Okamoto of Plant Based On A Budget, and Michelle Cehn of World of Vegan sample high-tech JUST Egg.


JUST Egg is based on a mung bean protein isolate, described by the brand as ‘an egg substitute that contains 20 percent more protein than a chicken egg, with zero cholesterol’.

The key ingredient, which was given the Food and Drug Administration’s [FDA] stamp of approval in August last year, is sustainably-sourced from areas around the world that only use rainwater to irrigate the crop.

JUST says the product, which comes in liquid form, takes 65 percent less water to produce than traditional egg – and emits 24 percent fewer greenhouse gases.


Plant Based News inspired us to try – to be one of the first ever – to try the new JUST Egg,” says Cehn.

The product is currently available in Flore restaurant in San Francisco, and will debut at another eatery – Equinox Restaurant – in Washington DC this month. It is also available at vegan-friendly supermarket and deli chain Green Common in Hong Kong.

The product looks extremely similar to traditional egg.Subscribe to PBN’s YouTube Channel here


The product is a liquid which should be poured into a warm pan, before scrambling it.

According to Cehn: “I have so many people in my life who are like ‘when are vegan eggs coming to life’, and I’m like ‘use tofu for now – it just doesn’t exist yet’. I’m so hopeful this will be the one.”

Okamoto adds: “Michelle [Cehn] and I have done videos for other brands that have come out with a similar product but they just didn’t cut it unfortunately.”

The verdict

After careful sampling and deliberation, Okamoto says: “I think it’s really good. I think the texture is good, I used to eat eggs like they were going out of style…it tastes very familiar.”

Cehn adds: “It looks exactly like eggs. That is crazy – and the color – the color is spot on. I’m so in awe of this.”

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here

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