Reading Time: < 1 minute Berlin is the best European city for vegans, according to the new data (Photo: Artem Sapegin)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new analysis by animal rights organization PETA and app-based destination guide HappyCow has revealed the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe.

Releasing the new data in aid of World Vegan Day today, the two vegan-promoting organizations have analyzed cities across Europe based on the prevalence of vegan restaurants and animal-free apparel stores.

Top cities

The report sees Berlin at the forefront in terms of dining options – with 471 HappyCow listings, while Amsterdam is the runner-up (243 listings), and London occupies third place with 177 listings.

Coming up are Hamburg (Germany) and Milan (Italy), followed by Gothenburg (Sweden), Ghent (Belgium), and Strasbourg (France).

In tenth place, Groningen (Netherlands) addresses the vegan demand with 28 HappyCow listings, whereas Naples (Italy) is last on the list with 26.


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