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European Parliament has received a proposal, pressuring it to introduce a ‘sustainability charge’ on meat.

On February 5 MEPs will debate a report, written by the True Animal Protein Price (TAPP) Coalition, who believes the price of meat should ‘reflect its environmental impact’.

The report suggests increasing the price of beef/veal by 47 (Euro) cents per 100g, pork by 36 cents per 100g, and chicken by 17 cents per 100g – and recommends the inflation is gradually increased over time.

‘Sustainable choices’

Authors behind the report state the higher costs, which aim to be in place by 2030, will ‘facilitate sustainable choices by consumers’ and that the price of meat has been ‘kept artificially low for far too long’.

According to Food Navigator, Climate Professor and Chairman at TAPP Coalition said: “Including the environmental cost of animal protein in the price is a crucial element of meeting EU targets for climate, biodiversity, public health, and animal welfare.”

‘True price’

On its website, TAPP states: “We are designing policy measures for a fair price of meat which reflects the ‘true price’, including the costs of environmental, nature and health costs.

“The revenues of this ‘fair price’ can be used to make agriculture more sustainable and to compensate for low and middle incomes, and reduce the price of vegetables, fruits, and meat alternatives. This proposal has the support of the majority of the Dutch population.”

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