Reading Time: < 1 minute The footwear items come in a low and high cut (Photo: PO-ZU)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

UK-based ethical footwear specialist PO-ZU has added a new Star Wars-themed item to its collection – this time featuring the space creatures from Ahch-To, Porgs.

The new range of animal-free and sustainable shoes is unisex – and available to pre-order starting today.


The collection includes a high top with an all over Porg print, priced at £69, and a low cut lace-up sneaker retailing for £59.

The shoes are made from organic cotton and a fairtrade, high-performance grip natural rubber sole; they also feature a removable memory-foam ‘Foot-Mattress’ in latex and coconut husk.

Orders taken now will be dispatched from the PO-ZU warehouse at the end of April – in time for the latest Star Wars film release in May.


According to the brand, the shoes are ‘created with love for people and planet, and with respect for traditional craft communities’.

Wherever possible, the company uses renewable, low impact materials that are responsibly harvested.

Sustainable materials used by PO-ZU include Piñatex, an innovative textile made from pineapple leaf fibers, coir (a mix of coconut husk and natural latex), and cork; some footwear items however, contain wool or leather.

You can browse the entire Star Wars collectionhereand pre-order the Porgs shoes fromhereandhere