England Player Jermaine Defoe Promotes Meat Free Diet In Quorn Video Series

England Player Jermaine Defoe Promotes Meat Free Diet In Quorn Video Series


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Defoe enjoys the food he eats (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:
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England and Bournemouth football player Jermaine Defoe has teamed up with meat-free giant Quorn to produce a video about the benefits of meat-free living.

The video, presented by TV stalwart Ben Fogle, focuses on how the striker eats – and how his ‘almost vegan’ diet has improved his fitness and performance.

Defoe eats an almost completely plant-based diet, but includes salmon once or twice a week.


According to the player, he has noticed big chances in his wellbeing – he fatigues less quickly, and can ‘still do things [he] was doing five, six years ago’ – he puts these positive changes down to his diet.

His new food choices includes veg-heavy stir-fries, lots of nuts, and pasta, beans, and porridge.

Defoe says he was ‘worried’ he might not enjoy his new way of eating – but he really does.


Speaking about diet, he has told media sources: “I started [cutting down on meat] and I realized I felt different in terms of energy.

“I wasn’t getting any muscle injuries, and I was noticing a difference in my skin.

“The Premier League nowadays is so tough and game goes so fast, you can be out on the pitch and pick up little muscle injuries.

“But last season I played every single game and I didn’t get a single muscle injury. I think I was the only player in the whole squad, and I’m one of the senior players.”



Defoe’s nutritional Matt Lovell adds: “Jermaine’s diet is very healthy – he scores very highly on all his test results.”

Tackling the ever-present protein question, Lovell cites pulses, grains, tofu, and tempeh as good sources.


The video also looks at the environmental impact of animal farming.

Fogle says: “Over the last few years I have heard a great deal about the impact our transport and energy needs have on the planet.

“But did you know the choice of food we make also has a huge impact – both in terms of greenhouse emissions but also in terms of land and water usage.

“The amount of meat we eat produces more greenhouse emissions than every single car in the world.”

The next episode will focus more on how food choices affect the planet.

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