Reading Time: < 1 minute Domino's is Ireal has offered vegan cheese for almost four years
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Israeli-based branches of pizza giant Domino’s have switched their dairy-free cheese supplier, and are now using a vegan ‘cheese’ produced in the UK by VBites.

The chain has offered vegan cheese on its Israeli menu since the end of 2013, to cater to the country’s five per cent of vegans.

While the vegan menu – which was developed in partnership with the Israeli Vegan Friendly Foundation – was met with enthusiasm, the cheese itself met with some negative reviews, so the company sought out a better alternative.

Taste test

A panel of taste testers ranked VBites’ Cheezly as the best – leading the company to drop the previous option.

Ido Friedman, vice president of marketing at Domino’s, said: “We switched to VBites’ Cheezly because it’s considered one of the best dairy-free alternatives to cheese on the market today.

“In focus groups and taste tests, VBites’ Cheezly was the variety most preferred by the vegan crowd.”


VBites produces eight different varieties of Cheezly, including a mozzarella-style and soy-free version. 

The company also produces meat-free pizza toppings such as ‘beef’, ‘chicken’, ‘pepperoni’ and ‘chorizo’, all made from 100 per cent plant-based ingredients. 

The pizza chain currently has 55 branches throughout Israel, which is said to have the largest percentage of vegans per capita in the world. .


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