Reading Time: < 1 minute Disney is significantly adding to its plant-based offerings (Photo: Disney)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Walt Disney World has expanded its vegan options with more than 400 plant-based dishes.

The meatless offerings, which includes a spicy Italian ‘sausage’ and Marrakesh Falafel Platter, will be introduced to menus of 580 locations in Disney World, including park restaurants, hotels, and food carts.

‘Chefs aren’t trained’

Disney’s in-house flavor lab took trips to plant-based restaurants in the US to develop replacements for dairy and eggs, with Gary Jones, Culinary Dietary Specialist at Walt Disney World stating ‘chefs aren’t trained that way’.

“A lot of us are going back and relearning how to extract the most flavor from plant-based choices,” he added.

‘Broadly appealing’

According to CNN, Cheryl Dolven, Manager for Food and Beverage Health and Wellness with Walt Disney World Resort Development, said the dishes will be advertised as plant-based rather than vegan.

“Most research shows that the word ‘vegan’ appeals to vegans but the trend is much broader than that,” Dolven said. “Plant-based is much more broadly appealing.”

You can view Disney World’s plant-based menu here

Liam Giliver

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