Reading Time: < 1 minute The sub meets increasing demand for meat-free options (Photo: Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Food tech startup Impossible Foods has joined forces with Disney to release a meat-free sub.

The No Meatball
Sub, which repurposes the ultra-realistic, ‘bleeding’ Impossible Burger by shaping
the ‘meat’ into meatballs, is now available at the Paradise Garden Grill at Disney’s California Adventure.

the sub – which also features mozzarella and marinara sauce – is not fully
vegan yet, as the cheese is dairy-based and eggs have been added to the


According to Constantine Spyrou, writing for Food Beast, the sub offers a close imitation of traditional meat.

He writes: “Having sampled multiple variations of the Impossible Burger from differing restaurants, I can say with full confidence that the No Meatball Sub does the best job out of all of them at perfectly imitating the food it’s based off of. 

“The meatballs had the exact same softness and tenderness as a love ballad. 

“All of the flavors and seasonings lined up perfectly, and there was no savory aftertaste that I could detect (which hasn’t been the case with most other versions). To me, it’s the closest a vegan meat has ever gotten to the real deal.”

Emily Court

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