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designer and activist Joshua Katcher’s upcoming book Fashion Animals
targets the dark side of fashion, through a hard-hitting critique of the use and abuse of animals in the industry.

After five
years in the making, Katcher smashed his Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign goal of
$20,000 to put Fashion Animals to print – reaching $22,567 in donations from
supporters of his work.

His exposé will be released on July 1, and is
now available for prepurchase on Amazon.


has been described by Katcher as ‘the only critical book on animals in

On the
Indiegogo page, he wrote: “The
fashion industry has an intentionally hidden history of staggering, global
impacts on animals and the environment, from extinctions to massive industrial
confinement and killing.

why I spent five years writing the only critical book on animals in fashion,
compiling research, data and a spectacular archive of rare images.”


Katcher is
a clothing designer, activist, and fashion educator, with his own ethically
made menswear brand, Brave GentleMan, and ethical lifestyle website The
Discerning Brute

He has
lectured on animals, ethics, and fashion at a variety of universities and design
schools, and holds a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University.

Katcher was
also named Man of the Year in 2014 by Coco Eco Magazine.