Comedian Dave Hughes Goes Plant-Based - And Boosts His Sex Life

Comedian Dave Hughes Goes Plant-Based – And Boosts His Sex Life


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Comedian Dave Hughes says a vegan diet is good for your sex life (Photo: Instagram/Dhughesy) - Media Credit:
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Australian comedian Dave Hughes has revealed that switching to a vegan diet has boosted his sex life.

Hughes has been an advocate of vegetarian living for many years, but it wasn’t until watching sports documentary The Game Changers that he ditched all animal products.

Better sex life

Speaking on his radio show, Hughesy And Ed, Hughes reportedly said: “Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom.”

He added: “There we go. I’m claiming it.”

Improved erectile function

Former mixed martial artist James Wilks – co-producer and writer*, and star of The Game Changers – also believes a plant-based diet improved his erectile function.

The Ultimate Fighter winner made the comments in an interview with LADbible, where he was asked if ‘he had noticed a difference in the downstairs department’ as a result of ditching animal products

Wilks said: “I do feel like it did improve, erectile function, but I’ve got no evidence – I haven’t measured my erections.”

The Game Changers

The issue of erectile function was explored in a scene in The Game Changers – which is available to watch on Netflix.

The scene shows urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz, author of The Penis Book, oversee an experiment in which three men wore special devices to monitor penile length and girth overnight, first after eating a meal with meat in it, then after eating a plant-based meal.

The experiment indicated that the men had better duration and rigidity of erections after eating plants.

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