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A screening of vegan documentary What the Health has led to a spike in the number of vegans in Dallas, Texas, according to local reports.

The filmmakers behind Cowspiracy made the documentary, which discusses the correlation between eating animal products and health.

There have been numerous reports of the film inspiring people – including Washington line back Trent Williams – to ditch animal foods from their diet.


According to Dallas restauranteurs, people are coming in to eat, saying they were inspired by What the Health.

Spiral Diner & Bakery proprietor Sara Tomerlin said: “It seems like the general public is at least friendly with a plant-based diet – 10 years ago, it was more stigmatized; people were extremely worried about being able to get enough protein without meat and eggs.

“I had a new couple in the diner last week who were transitioning to a vegan diet after seeing What the Health. I do think [the film] has an impact on society, and it definitely brings new customers to our restaurant.”


V-Eats Modern Vegan owner Troy Gardner added that he has come into contact with five people who have gone plant-based because of the film.

He said: “It’s crazy that I’ve heard so much about [What the Health] in such a short period of time. And just 10 minutes ago, the gentleman who services our dish machine at the restaurant was telling me how he and his wife have just gone vegan. 

“Yesterday was their first day, and he cited What the Health as the thing that pushed them over the edge.”


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