Dairy Giant Launches Vegan Cheese Described As ‘Trailblazing’


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UK dairy giant Applewood is launching a new vegan cheese in a bid to meet growing demand for animal-free options.

The famous Somerset cheesemonger is aiming its new Applewood Vegan at vegans, flexitarians, and ‘flexegans’.

The cheese, which took cooks and nutritionists two years of research and development to perfect, has the same smoked flavor as its dairy-based counterpart is a collaboration between Applewood and VBites, the UK’s pioneering and award-winning plant-based food company owned by vegan businesswoman Heather Mills. It will be made in of one Mills’ three allergen-free factories in the North East.

Vegan alternative

“After producing traditional dairy cheeses for more than 50 years, we are thrilled to be launching a brand new plant-based cheese alternative, which not only has the same great flavour of Applewood but it melts beautifully too,” Applewood Senior Brand Manager Lisa Harrison told Plant Based News.

“Applewood has always been an innovator in the cheese sector, ever since our founder Ken Seaton first created Applewood Cheese in Ilchester, deep in the heart of Somerset, back in 1965.

“So, it was a natural move for us to originate with Heather this new and trailblazingly-tasty food and we are delighted with the result. Give it a taste and you’ll discover that this is the one you’ve been waiting for.”

Flexi Friday

In addition to launching its vegan cheese, Applewood is calling on consumers to ditch animal products for one day a week in a bid to tackle climate change under a new initiative – called ‘Flexi Friday’.

“We are establishing Flexi Friday 10 years after the start of Meat Free Monday because much has changed in those 10 years, principally climate change, and because of that crisis it is no longer enough for us to follow a climate-friendly diet on just one day a week, we need the option of this second day now,” Harrison said.

“We have set up a new website – www.flexifriday.com – with tips, advice and recipes for the growing numbers of those want to be flexible in what they eat for the sake of the planet, whether they be meat-eaters, flexitarians or flexegans.”

Applewood Vegan will launch in 251 Asda stores in October, RRP £2.30 for a 200g block. In January 2020 it will be rolled out to all other food retailers and the entire food service.

You can find out more about Flexi Friday here

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