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Dairy giant Applewood, whose dairy-free cheese was recently crowned best ‘Milk Product Alternative’, has partnered with three plant-based companies to launch what it describes as the ‘U.K’s first plant-based cheeseburger pizza’.

The pizza, which is made on a ‘classic fluffy base’, is topped with a chia seed-infused tomato sauce, Applewood’s Smoky Vegan cheese, caramelized red onions, sliced gherkins, chunks of plant-based meat from The Meatless Farm Co. and Mooshie’s iconic vegan burger sauce.

‘A drool-worthy creation’

Announcing its launch on Instagram, One Planet Pizza wrote: “We are beyond excited to announce our most delicious (and most epic) pizza creation to date! The Meatless Farm Cheezeburger Pizza is the UK’s first plant-based cheezeburger pizza, and it’s damn delicious.?”

The brand also described the product as ‘a dreamy, drool-worthy creation’ and has since launched a competition to win a free pizza.

The ‘Cheezeburger’ Pizza is available to buy directly on One Planet Pizza’s website – priced £23.80 for a pack of four, £28.00 for a pack of five, and £32.70 for a pack of six.

You can visit One Planet Pizza’s website here

Liam Giliver

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