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Dairy-free giant, The Coconut Collaborative, is to start manufacturing its products in the US.

The company, who currently accounts for around 10 percent of sales of plant-based yogurts and desserts in the UK, entered the US last year in Wegmans’ stores.

But the firm will begin manufacturing in LA, focusing on producing the company’s yogurt alternatives that are sold locally.

‘The start of our journey’

James Averdieck, the founder of The Coconut Collaborative, told Just-Food: “We’re right at the start of our journey in America. Our business in the US is initially going to concentrate in the northeast and the southwest.

“The shelf velocities where we’re selling is good.”

‘Regenerate the fragile ecosystems’

The Coconut Collaborative is also working alongside the Pur Project, to help plant thousands of coconut trees every year for free to help farmers in Southeast Asia.

“Our aim is to regenerate the fragile ecosystems that our planet depends on, as well as help educate local communities on how to get the most from all that their natural environment has to offer,” the company’s website states.

Liam Giliver

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